About Me

Why Choose Us?

Although I do all sorts of woodworking I always try to do the best job possible and use the proper materials.

  • No MDF or Particle Board
  • Furniture made from only solid wood
  • Local company doing honest work

Based in Lonsdale, North Vancouver, I have been working with wood for over 30 years. I do all sorts of woodworking from custom gift boxes to creating custom or reproduction furniture to carpentry and millwork. I take pride in the work I do which shows in the detailed designs and time it takes to create each piece.

When making antique reproduction furniture I do whatever possible to make sure the reproduction is a line copy of the original object using the same primary and secondary materials.  All my carving, fluting and reeding, and most of the moldings, especially the scrolled crowns, are done by hand. All reproductions are sanded to be as smooth as possible bringing out the grain and leaving a mirror surface on the wood.

All the hardware used is quality cast reproduction of hardware found on the originals. I take pride in creating faithful reproductions of past treasures.

When creating custom-made pieces, I can pretty much create anything – from exquisite and expensive pieces to many items that are reasonably priced. Bring your ideas and we can work together to create something beautifully unique.

Happy Customers

BC’s best. Richard can do anything with wood. If you want quality woodwork you have come to the right one. Just look at the pictures and you will see.

Kathryn Wilder

Quality craftsmanship and beautifully​ created pieces.

Lisa Randazzo

Awesome ? woodworking. Amazing on how talented you are. Your work is so detailed and so much hard work is put into it.

Sandra Ivancic‎